We are a group of medicinal plant growers dedicated to improving community access to herbal medicine.


herbal medicine in cities


sharing skills and knowledge


to grassroot efforts

Plant medicine works, but many people can't access it due to personal and systemic barriers.

The Pacific Northwest has options for getting herbal treatment, but growing and obtaining those medicines is resource-intensive.

That's where we come in.

Plantain Project is an all-volunteer group of plant lovers who turn urban yards into medicinal gardens.

The medicine we grow goes directly to herbalists who provide care to marginalized communities. We donate everything we grow, and any funds we raise go to growing, processing, and packaging herbal remedies.

We support individuals and groups engaged in anti-oppression work, including supporting First Nations, BIPOC, Queer, Trans, migrant, refugee, houseless, low-income populations, and people who use drugs.

We also recognize that more people are wild-harvesting medicine, as they remember the value of our local flora. We love connecting to plants, but we don't want harvests to inflict damage on our local ecosystems. When we use the landscapes of the city to grow medicine, we protect precious plants and First Nations territories.

By growing in cities, we also expose the public to herbal medicine. We provide opportunities for people to get involved with herbal medicine in their community. We share not only access, but knowledge.

We hope to improve our communities' wellbeing, and minimize impacts to wild ecosystems, by growing medicine where once there were lawns.

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